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Woodpecker Endo 1 Ultrasonic Activator endodontic irrigator

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Root canal vibration amplitude is small, witch will not hurt the root canal meanwhile, it is closer to the bottom of the of the root canal. Root canal vibration frequency is high making irrigation more efficien

  >The work process of this machine adopts microcomputer automatic control, which is easy to operate and of high efficiency. Only one mode switching button, the machine can be started or turned off by pressing the mode switch button
  >Ultrasonic activator  has three modes, sleep mode, hot standby mode, and irrigation mode (work mode).
  >Ultrasonic activator  is of stable performance and adopts automatic frequency tracking system which can automatically searching for the best work state.
  >The tips, Endo wrench and hand piece are removable and can be autoclave under high temperature of 134.C and high pressure of 0.22Mps.

Endo 1 utilizes ultrasonic irrigation technology to realize the irrigation of root canal. Irrigation Technology shows higher efficiency. For penetrating and irrigation root canal, ultrasonic irrigation. Endo 1 applies to root canal irrigation and molding. Endo 1 is equipped with interface to connect to Apex Locator, which enables root canal length measuring  while performing root canal irrigation.

For root canal irrigation and molding.
Ultrasonic irrigation efficiently remove residuals
   >With 45 KHz high frequency ultrasonic vibration the flusing can roach 3mm under the top end of irrigation tip under the action of acoustic as reaming and the chemical residue in root canal be well cleaned
Smooth one –piece anti-break file design smaller amplitude and safer operation
  >With a small amplitude of 25 m in the case of instrument fracture, the breakage is more likely to occer in the root canal treatment more endurable to patients.
Wireless design simplified operation
  >Eliminate the constraint of tail cord, have no need to complete irrigation operation with only one device.The head of handpiece can be removed and autoclaved to avoid cross infraction
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